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FME - Calibration, Sensitivity and Monte Carlo Analysis in R

'FME' is an add-on package for the open source data analysis system R designed for confronting a numerical mathematical model with data

What is in FME?

FME contains functions for sensitivity and Monte Carlo analysis, for parameter identifiability, and for fitting a model to data. It provides a Markov-chain based method to estimate parameter confidence intervals. Although its main focus is on mathematical systems that consist of differential equations, FME can deal with other types of models.

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  • Soetaert, K. & Petzoldt, T. (2010): Inverse modelling, sensitivity and Monte Carlo analysis in R using package FME. Journal of Statistical Software 33(3), 1-28. DOI: 10.18637/jss.v033.i03
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    Discussions about FME can be directed to the mailing list: r-sig-dynamic-models@r-project.org

    This Special Interest Group for Dynamic Simulation Models in R is a forum for discussing the use of R for implementation, simulation and analysis of dynamic simulation models. The list covers differential equation models as well as other dynamic systems in different application areas: natural sciences, engineering, economy and many others.

    Date: 2019-11-01